Syria: MSF teams continue their activities after the evacuation of East-Aleppo

Friday, January 6, 2017 — On December 26, a Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) team started an assessment of needs in nine villages and towns in the Idlib governorate. Some organizations are already providing health care in the area, but in two villages a clear need was identified to provide a medical service and a mobile team started seeing patients in one of the locations, on January 2. These services were supported by two ambulances sent by MSF. As in other places, most common pathologies are respiratory infections, gastritis and muscular-skeletal pains.

Since the beginning of the intervention on 15 December, MSF teams have distributed a total of 1328 non-food items kits (including hygiene kits, kitchen kits, winter kits, mattresses…), to IDPs from east Aleppo living with the host community in Idlib governorate. Furthermore, 300 winter kits including mattresses, blankets and other items were distributed in different areas of Idlib governorate, to people evacuated from East Aleppo and displaced people coming from Northern Aleppo countryside. MSF is providing as well support to different hospitals, by delivering cargoes of medical equipment and drugs, a tent to support a mobile clinic, a generator, fuel and supply for blood transfusion to a maternity unit.

Besides, in all sites, there is a need to reinforce access to immunization as there was no access during four to six months. MSF continues monitoring the situation in order to ensure that there are no gaps in the assistance provided to the displaced people.

MSF is currently supporting 23 health facilities (health centers, hospitals and maternity/pediatric centers) in Aleppo, Idlib and Hama governorates by providing medications, medical kits, cash for fuel. In one of the main hospitals, MSF continues treating burnt patients. MSF team is receiving an average of 150 patients per week in the emergency room, 60% of them being burnt patients.