Humanitarian crisis in Burkina Faso: Aid must be ramped up now

Following the recent joint visit of two MSF Directors of Operations, we, today, are alerting on the ever-growing crisis unfolding in Burkina Faso and the massive scale of humanitarian needs in the most conflict-affected regions (notably Sahel, Nord, Centre-Nord).

As you know Burkina Faso is now facing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis as a consequence of the very strong and rapid deterioration of the security situation. Violence is almost daily and triggers massive displacement (close to 780,000 IDPs by end of February 2020). With the seasonal peaks expected in a few months, such as the period of food hunger or the peak of high malaria transmission, we anticipate that the crisis will getting more and more critical and want to alert and call for greater mobilisation to respond to this emergency crisis.

The current Covid-19 crisis is of great concern as the country is already facing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis and its health system is weakened. We anticipate that the efforts of humanitarian actors, including MSF, will be hampered by travel restrictions and other measures to contain the Covid-19 pandemic.

Find attached an interview of Isabelle Defourny, Directors of Operations for MSF France. Please note that interviews can be arranged.

Do not hesitate to reach me out in case of specific interest.

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Djann Jutzeler Communications Officer, Médecins Sans Frontières
Djann Jutzeler Communications Officer, Médecins Sans Frontières
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